About The Book

Songs from the Heart

This book is a culmination of fifty-eight years of transcribing thoughts that, when penned, evolved as poetry about faith, hope, pain, love, grace, and forgiveness. I never set down to write. I only captured the words that would begin to dance in my mind and watch as the remainder of the message fell into place.

Sometimes, it would be several in a cluster. Or only one at a time. There would be months and, sometimes, years between.

In this last year, there has been a more consistent flow. I can’t explain why. I can only say that I am humbled to be used in this way. If anyone reads these words and finds solace and hope, I believe my mission has been accomplished.




Poems from the Heart

This book of poetry is a continuation of the messages found in Songs from the Heart, the author’s first published work. Words that encourage faith and strengthen the heart for love and service are found in the pages of this book. Sometimes eliciting tears and occasionally coaxing a smile, the messages are fresh and yet timeless.

The author continues to write when inspired by words that seem to flow onto the page to create a compelling message for Christians and those seeking a foundational belief system. Poetry is word art in its purest form. Christian poetry is form meeting function: “God’s will is that none should perish” (2 Pet. 3:9).

Let these words reach into the recesses of your soul to rekindle hope in a loving Savior.